Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Using Colouring Pages for Paper-Piecing

Try using colouring pages downloaded from the Internet or even colouring books that you bought for your kids to do paper-piecing. I've done quite a number of paper-piecing for my Disney layouts in my USA travel gallery such as below.

Just use the picture in the colouring page and trace templates for paper-piecing (remember to trace it a bit bigger at the part you want to piece it) Then paste it to colour card stocks and just each piece out.

After piecing them together, chalked it to give a little dimension to it. Sometimes, layouts that tells very little stories can be filled up using paper-piecing technique. I had so much fun doing these pages. It is especially difficult to find paper-piecing templates for Disney characters.


tonya said...

Really great idea.

Anonymous said...

very cute! i like the idea also.
luv, Belldandy.

Anonymous said...

Another good idea!

Jess said...

Wow, great idea! I love your colorful, fun pages :). I recently had a post on my blog about paper piecing too:

RAE said...

Great idea. They look great!


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