Monday, March 19, 2007

Theme Buttons on Layouts

Isn't theme buttons cheaper than ready paper-pieced stuffs? I know that most of us prefer to use the ready paper-pieced stuffs to embellish our layouts due to the dimensions and colour of it. They are also very cute. But have you consider theme buttons as an option?
You can get theme buttons at a very cheap price. They come in packs of different themes. I've used them in some of my layouts.
I've used some theme buttons on these two layouts. The buttons came with a plastic hook behind it which makes it difficult to attach it to your layouts. Just used some cutters which cuts open hard plastic, to cut the hook away leaving you a flat surface where you could use some adhesive to attached it to your layouts. It also gives some dimension and colour to your layouts.


scrappinmac said...

I love to use buttons, too. I've seen a tool to cut off the shank (hook) on the back of the button, but it was $8.00, so I just used my husband's wire cutters. Couldn't get it trimmed flat, but better than with a shank. Maybe try sanding the rest of the shank to make it flatter?

Mags said...

I like your "Cut" layout - clever with the cut-up photos.
:) Mags


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