Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Cut

This layout is about "how good is Ryan when he is having his hair cut". He is so good that the barber compliment about his behaviour so much. This had made me so proud and I would definitely want to document it down. Therefore, photographs were taken.

The idea for this layout came to me when Ryan is having his hair cut. The snipping sound of the scissors really inspired me. Therefore, the title of this layout is "The Cut". I've promised myself of doing one layout by using newspaper as a background enhancer. With that I've combined the both inspiration into this layout.

I've applied my inspiration to the layout as follows:

- black colour card stock background as "Ryan's hair"

- the snips at the side of the card stock resembles "the cuts in Ryan's hair"

- the triangle shaped clip on the snip resembles "the hair clips put on Ryan's hair while having his hair cut"

- the snipping of the photographs resembles "Ryan's hair that had been cut away"

Isn't this interesting? Try using this method to apply your inspiration onto your layouts.


scrappinmac said...

Oh my! How clever!

Great use of snips and cuts and shapes! I love it!!

Tiffany said...

Very creative!


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