Saturday, March 10, 2007

Photo Editing Software

I've been asked by a few of my blog readers about the photo editing software that I used. Actually, I've tried to use a few. I've tried photoshop but I think that it is too advanced for me as a computer dummy. I have trouble editing my photographs with Microsoft Picture It too. It is also too advanced. So if you are not a photography expert liked me, I suggest Picasa (free software by google). It is very user friendly and it's free. Just by a click you could warmify, sharpen or even effects of tint and soft focus your photographs. It is also very good in helping me to organize my photographs. Therefore, Picasa is the one for me. However, it is not a suitable software for digital scrapbooking. For digital scrapbooking I recommend Adobe photoshop element or Jasc Paintshop Pro. Eventhough, I had experience with digital scrapbooking, I'm still not very good in it.

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