Thursday, March 22, 2007

So Sweet!

After much opinions on my last layout titled "The Cut", I've decided to do a cheery layout based on some very sweet photographs to cheer up the mood here.

This layout is about Ryan reading to Chloe who is just five months old then. How sweet is it to see them being so loving of each other. I'm still in the mood of experimenting with new shaped layouts and new techniques. With the sweetness in the photographs, it actually reminds me about honey. I guess most of resembles honey to sweetness. Therefore, the idea of creating has started in my head. I know that the shape should be in hexagon of it were to follow my idea but after playing much with that shape, it does not looked very nice. Therefore, I've altered the idea to an octagon shaped layout.

This is a floating layout. I've used some technique to create this floating effect. (Refer to "Creating a Floating Layout" in my Tips and Tricks section) As for the octagon shapes, I've used self printed templates. (Refer to "Self Printed Templates in Layouts" in the Tips and Tricks section) In this layout, I've also created a circle journal in it. (Refer "Journaling in Circles" in the Tips and Tricks section).

This is a very fun layout for me and I think that it will cheer anyone up.

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