Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mosaic or Tile Effect

I've discovered quite a number of my blog readers loved the mosaic or tile effects on my layouts. The one layout that attracts a lot of comments is the "MP3" layout.

Most scrappers think that it is too difficult and it is very time consuming to do this. Actually, it is pretty simple.

You can buy one of the mosaic grid templates that they are selling in the stores or use computer softwares to create your grid and print it out as a template (ie. microsoft office softwares) or even using just a long ruler and a pencil to grid your layout (of course a little maths is involved here). It might be expensive to buy the templates therefore, I suggest to print it from your computer or manually grid it.

If you print it out, you can use a carbon to trace it to your photographs and then cut it out. Try to leave some squares out to further draw attention to your photographs. You can even add some matching colour card stock squares to replace some of the squares to add dimension.

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