Friday, March 16, 2007

Cheap Albums as Organizing Medium

I believed everyone who scrapbook will have to find some place or some storage medium to keep their unfinished work. Of course we can buy the temporary folder boxes or folder bags to store them but aren't they a bit expensive as a temporary storage. Some of us has more than one unfinished layout at a time.

While I was visiting the country USA, I've found this. This is a very cheap scrapbooking album that I've found while I'm in a dollar stores there. Everything there is only a dollar. Even though it is not as attractive as the albums that we used to showcase our layouts but still it is acid and lignin free. Therefore, you can alter it to keep your layouts, used it to keep your children's layouts or even better used it to keep your unfinished layouts. The refills are also a dollar for ten sheets. They are acid and lignin free too. Using this albums to store your children's scrapbook layouts are great because it is very durable and cheap of course. So for those of you who live near any dollar stores, try to go there. You might not know what you can find there. By the way, I've found some 12x12 scrapbook papers and embellishments too.


Anonymous said...

I do this as well I have many unfinshed LO. Usually they are all just ready to be assembled, of maybe I just need a embelly or title. Just keep them the the cheep album so no problem with them getting ruined.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! A friend gave me an old "antique" album similar to yours that she found at a garage sale, and I wondered how I'd use it. Now I know how! Thanks for the great idea.



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