Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Solving photography problems

I realized that two of my layouts had received some great comments about it's great photographs. They are the "Features" and "Expression" layouts.

They are actually photographs taken using normal simple digital camera and not any SLR cameras.

The tricks to get such great photographs is the techniques to take photographs and the editing techniques.

The simple photography techniques are
- to use natural lighting (lighting from a window area or balcony area).
- use a tripod or stable your hands while taking the photographs.
- take it while your subject are not aware of it.
- take photographs of your subject from various different angles.
- don't wait for your subject to pose for you. Taking photographs while your subjects are in action tells more stories.

The photograph editing techniques are :
- crop you photographs to hide any flaws or avoid busy background
- if the lighting is not right, use the "I'm feeling lucky tool" in Picasa or editing the lighting and the highlights manually using photo editing softwares (refer to my "photo editing software" post in the general comment section)
- to warmify your photographs if you use flashlights on your photographs.
- if it is still difficult for you to crop out your busy background try "soft focusing" it using softwares or change the colour to black or white, sepia or a one colour tint.

Therefore, having great photographs to scrap is not difficult at all.

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~*~Debs~*~ said...

Hiya :)
I just LOVE looking at your style and reading all about your work! You have a fab site!


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