Thursday, March 15, 2007

Altering Boring Album Covers

There are various kind of scrapbooking album in the stores. Normally, the nice ones which are covered in linen or leather are very expensive. There are also scrapbooking albums that are covered with PVC or plastics. These are the cheaper ones. However, these albums may appear less attractive. Therefore, why not try altering it.

You can try to do a layout based on the theme of your album and paste it directly over the album cover liked what I did for my USA vacation album. You can include cut-outs from travel magazines, travel brochures or even add paper-piecing to it. I've included a paper-pieced luggage bag which includes all the destinations in the scrapbook pages on it. Try to personalize your album covers to your album theme.

This is not the only way to alter your album covers. For simplicity, you can even cover your album with your favourite fabric or any fabric that may resembles your album theme. You can also create unique titles and paste them in front of your covers.

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Marie said...

Very nice altering.. Gives me ideas..


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