Sunday, March 25, 2007

Foldings to Create Piling Board

Some of my blog readers had asked me, how to create the piling board in my layout titled "Disney California Adventure" in my Travel-USA section. Therefore, I've decided to share this trick in this post.

The steps are as follows:

1. Create your frame out of card stock with your desired measurements. It depends on your layout size and how many photographs you want to pile.

2. By choosing a pattern paper or any paper you liked, cut out strips with the width of about 3 inches. (This width depends on what is the width you would liked for the strips behind the frame and multiply it by two)

3. Fold all the cut out strips in half horizontally.

4. To prepare the frame for attaching the strips, first you need to get a center point of your frame which is the upper right corner to the lower left corner or vise versa. (This depends on how you would liked the directions of the photographs to be pile)

5. From the center point, slowly arranged the strips towards the upper left corner for one side and lower right corner for the other. (This is referring to the layout above). However, you should be careful not to have space in between strips. Every strips should have an overlap about half inch.

6. Temporarily stick them into place using sticky tapes that are easily removable. Then later when all the positions had been confirmed, then only you stick them permanently in place.

7. Leave it to dry for awhile before you pile your photographs there. However, after positioning your positions of your photographs, do stick it down permanently too.

Tip: Try to use photographs that are in portrait position then the landscape ones.


Marie said...

This is soo awesome!!! I will be using this trick.. TY for it.

123grandma on CX said...

Thanks for this information. I am going to try this method on a vacation layout I am doing where I have a lot of travel brochures to use.


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