Friday, March 2, 2007

Scrapbooking in Early Childhood Education

Due to my experience in operating a preschool under the Reggio Emilia Approach, I would liked to urge all moms or educators to seriously look into this pedagogy. In this approach, the children are their own navigators and the educators or adults are the observer and documents the children's activities. Children do learn a lot by playing. By setting up a suitable learning/playing environment will help them to learn better. Educators will learned about the children by observing and looking through the documentation. By knowing what the children think and had learned will help us in preparing for their next step of development. The parents of those children that are sent to preschool, will also get to know what their children think and know. Therefore, documentation is very important here. By displaying the documentation in a more attractive way will even draw more attention to the parents and educators. So, why not scrapbook the documentation. Please refer to my digital scrapbooking gallery for ideas about this.


Coffee lane said...

BBBBrilliant!!!This should be the way how our kids do the learning and growing with fun, and for us, too!!

Ashley said...

I am starting course work on my master's of ece in August and all the undergrad work I've done has stressed that play is the best way for infants/toddlers/preschoolers to learn and become part of their environment. At the center I worked at its was a requirement for all teachers to complete a scrapbook... they even got paid to attend monthly scraps... the home based center I worked in also had a scrapbook she updated weekly... In both cases the pics were printed at walmart/walgreens/etc and erased... never uploaded to the computer. The book also had to stay at the center/daycare at all times.


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