Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Chalking embellishments, frames, paper-piecing or mats

The chalking technique used on scrapbooking are very useful in various types of situation. Chalking on embellishments can give various effects. Chalking edges of embellishments can soften the looked of it and even make it more colourful. If you use dark colour chalking on the whole of the embellishment, you will even get a distressed looked. Chalking on paper-piecing can lift the 3-D looked of it instead of a flat two dimensional looked. I've done various layouts using chalking, for example my Disney layouts in my USA travel gallery or even my latest layout, I've chalked the frames and mats to give it a softer looked.

The technique of chalking is very simple. Kindly use cotton buds, cotton balls, cosmetic foam pieces, cosmetic buds or even your fingers. Most of the time, I prefer using my fingers, as it is easy to control the amount of chalk and it can be spread more evenly. Try different colour chalks to give different effects.

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