Friday, March 30, 2007

Old, Used or New Red Packets in Layouts

It's a tradition for the Chinese during Chinese New Year to give red packets containing some money to kids or children. Normally, about few weeks before the Chinese New Year, we will get free red packets from the superstores, banks or even hyper stores. There are so many of it and most of the time we could not finished using it. Or even if your children received red packets from others, you can also saved it. Do you know that you could also create a layout using these red packets?
In my most recent layout, I've used red packets all over it. The title of the layout is "Celebration" in my family gallery section.
You can cut part of the red packets to block your layout or even cut out fancy flowers out of it to embellish your layout. In my layout, I've even cut out some of the small flowers pattern from the red packet to add continuity throughout the whole layout. Just add a little buttons and you are ready to go. If you got some unused or old red packets at home, you can try to create a layout based on it and I bet you would be successful in creating a unique Asian feel layout with it.

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