Friday, March 16, 2007

Fabric on Layouts

I think most of us had tried to use fabric in our layouts. The difficulty in using fabrics in layouts is the question of "how to attached it to the layouts" or "how to straighten your fabric before attaching them to the layout". You can use liquid glue or adhesive tapes to attach it to your layouts. However, be smart to put your adhesive or glue at the spot where you will be adding embellishments or will be covered by other stuffs. Try to use the common spray for ironing on the fabric before ironing it or even spraying water on it before ironing will do the trick of straightening it. I've done one layout using fabric which is the "A Bug's Life" layout.

I've used fabric to make curtains for this layout where the main idea is to create window views in my layout. I've also planned to use fabrics to embellished tags and to create an attractive backgrounds for my future layouts. I've read it somewhere in the magazine about an idea of using fabrics to lighten your plain old buttons. Since you can lighten buttons with it, why not lighten your tags and titles to your layouts.

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