Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Inking your papers, embellishments, frames, mats and photographs

The inking technique is quite a must for scrapbooking as it gives very fantastic effects on your scrapbooking work. There are various things on scrapbooking that you can ink. You can ink on your photographs to give a coloured soft focus effect. This can't be done using simple photo editing software. The softwares can only gives white colour soft focus effect. Therefore, it is interesting to ink your photographs for this special effect.

You can also inked your mats, frames, papers or even embellishments. By crunching your papers, frames or mats and then inked it, will give you a distressed looked and add textures to your layouts. You can also ink your embellishments to distress it or even add colours to it. There are various colours of ink in the stores. They even have it in white which I recommend to buy because it is very handy in lettering and inking of embellishments. There are also "distress ink" in the stores where they have different shades of it.

I've used inking in some of my layouts such as the San Francisco layouts in the USA travel gallery. Try it and you will be surprised!

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