Thursday, March 15, 2007

Newspapers or Magazines in your Layouts

Most of us have tried our luck in getting layouts to be published in magazines or newspapers but have you tried using newspapers or magazines in your layouts? Why not give it a try. I've done a few layouts using newspaper and magazine. The layouts are "Japanese Tea Garden", "Dutch Windmill" and "Tulip Garden".

In my "Japanese Tea Garden" layout, I've used some Chinese newspapers to stamp my title on before cutting it into squares and mat them. Using newspaper in your layouts are great because it will distressed itself as time goes by and you will get a better looked on them. (natural distressing).

In my "Tulip Garden" layout, I've used alphabets cut-outs from magazines to design the title and words on the the tag of the layout. This will add some fun and make the title looked more interesting. However, pay attention to the colour of the alphabets you choose from the magazine. It has to match your layout.

Thirdly, is my "Dutch Windmill" layout. I've used some pages of articles in a magazine to stamp my title on and later cut them out and mat them. Again, pay attention to the colour of the article that you choose to stamp on.

Some other ideas on using newspapers and magazines would be using them as your background paper. You can mix your colour card stocks with newspapers to create a unique background paper. This can also be done on tags and embellishments. I have not tried that yet but will try in future layouts.

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