Monday, August 4, 2008

Distressing Acrylic (Gesso)

This is another technique that I've used in my last project for "My Acrylic Album". This technique is very simple. Just use a thick card board and apply some gesso on one of it's edges. Then, scrape the edge against the acrylic pieces. You can scrape on the edges of your acrylic pages and acrylic embellishment too. To add some colours to your acrylic, you can mixed the gesso with some acrylic paints before you do the step above.


Scrappelise said...

This is so clever, I just love all your good ideas! And I must admit i love mostly everything in your blog! The last issue of "Ett trykk" had som very beautiful cards made by you. I hope it will be possible to swap ATC`s with you some time. All the best, Anne Lise

Melissa S. said...

You have been so busy. I'm jelous. I Love these ideas for the acrylic alblum. I Have the LOVE Word that I haven't startrd yet so I'm really glad to see all of your Tips. Thanks for such a wonderful site. I love everything you do. Melissa from

Anonymous said...

Okay..I got lost. The picture you are of what? Where is the gesso used in that picture? Is it to seal the edges or to cover the entire chipboard? Just curious.

I love your work. I am just fascinated by it!

Irene Tan aka Scrapperlicious said...

Hi jules,

The gesso are areas which are covered in white in the pic. Check out the finished project in my next post. Thanks!


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