Thursday, June 28, 2007

Love "U"

This is a layout about Chloe's photograph at eight months old. By looking at that sweet face in the photograph, had actually gave me a thought of how lucky am I to have her in my life and it was liked a "dream".

With that, blooms my inspiration for this page. I wanted to create a "dreamy" looked page with sparkles of lights everywhere. And with the thoughts of how much I love her, gave me an idea for the title of the layout, "Love "U"".

To create the "dreamy" effect, I've created my own pattern papers. (refer to "Creating your own Pattern Papers "Dreamy Papers" in tips and tricks section)

I've added quite and amount of blings everywhere for the "sparkles of light" effect. The hightlight of the edges of the dark colour papers had further lighten up the "dreamy" effect.

The addition of a big butterfly on the layout is to add a splash of colour to it for a more balanced look.
Sources: Cardstock: Provo Craft and Bazzill Basics Paper, Ink: Tim Holtz's Distress Ink, and Memories, Rub-Ons: Making Memories, Brads: Making Memories, Others: Zig pens, Uni-ball Signo Pen, buttons, rhinestones.

Creating your own Pattern Paper ("Dreamy Papers")

This post might not be that useful to experience scrappers but I just want to share it here with some of my readers who are scrapbooking beginners.

There are times that we just could not find the right pattern paper to use in our layouts. Instead of going straight to the store, why not take a look at what you have and try to create something out of it. There are few methods in creating your own pattern papers.

1. Stamping

2. Inking

3. Painting

4. Doodling

5. Cut and pasting

6. Art techniques

7. Stenciling and masking

8. Embossing and punch outs

I believed there are more ways to create your own pattern papers.

I would also liked to share this latest idea of mine where I've created a "dreamy looked paper with sparkles of lights shinning through". Actually, one of my blog readers had asked me about this technique before. Therefore, I would liked to explained it here.

1. Use a light coloured plain cardstock or paper.

2. Randomly do some stampings to it using the colour that you desired for your pattern paper. Try to leave some spots not stamped.

3. Use a dark tone/colour ink to dab on the edges of the paper. Try to blend it into the stampings too, leaving some spots here and there.

This technique works well with a dark coloured background layout (ie. black, dark green, dark blue etc.)

To see the finished look of the layout, you can refer to "Love "U"" in my baby gallery. Try this technique in your next layout!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Simple Dress Ups Of Journalings

This post is actually inspired by a group of my close forum friends/sisters. They have come up with the idea of postcards exchange fun where each of us have to send each other a postcard from our town/city.

I've wanted to do some dress up to the journalings on the postcards but I know that the post office will reject my postcards if I were to add on too much weight on it. Therefore, I've come up with these simple dress ups to add some interest to it.

You can also use these simple dress ups ideas for making cards, tags, book marks or even in your layouts. Try it!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Greatest Love

This is a layout about me and my daughter, Chloe. It's a photograph taken from a fun angle.
The inspiration for the title of this layout is simply a mother's love to her child which is the "greatest love".

The picture of that beautiful butterfly had actually inspired me to create this page. I want to create a page that is full of butterflies and love/hearts! To add some details, I've used some sequins and some rhinestones on the page.

This is a rather simple page but I love the fun of doodlings and stamping here.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

One Size Bigger

This is a layout about Ryan's foot comparing to Chloe's. By looking at the photographs, I was thinking how fast had Ryan grown up. He used to have those small feet such as Chloe's. Therefore, I've named the layout "One Size Bigger".

The inspiration for this layout is basically from the photographs. I want to create a layout with I'm able to incorporate their foot prints. Therefore, I've came up with the idea of "mixture of masking and stenciling in layers technique". (Refer to "Foot Prints and Hand Prints on Layouts" in tips and tricks section) In this layout, I've also carried on the technique onto the photographs where I've also stenciled and masked part of the photographs to let the design flow.

I've hand drawn some small flowers in various sizes on the upper right hand corner to balance the look of the overall layout.

It has been fun using this technique and I bet you will too if you give it a try.

Foot Prints and Hand Prints on Layout. (using mixture of masking and stenciling in layers technique)

I've tried to incorporate foot prints and hand prints in my latest layout titled "One Size Bigger" in my family gallery. I guess most of us had taken photographs about foot and hand and are would liked to use our foot or hand prints in that layout but are lost in ideas. I hope that this technique that I've shared here would be of any help.

My technique of incorporating foot and hand prints is as follows:

1. First get your hand and foot prints onto some cardstocks or papers.
2. Trim your cardstocks or papers in any design you want and placed them onto the background of your layout.
3. Create a freestyle mask and cut it out. Don't throw away the negatives (of the mask).
4. Create a design using your mask and also your negatives as stencil. This is a technique called "mixture of masking and stenciling in layers". Do as many layers as you want and let your creativity flow.
5. In my layout, I even attached the masks as part of the design.
Don't you think this technique creates an interesting look? I bet someone would say that it's digital!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


This is a layout that I felt irresistable to create. While Ryan was playing "doctor" with Chloe, he likes to put the toy spectacles on Chloe. With that look, how can I resist to capture that face with my camera. Therefore, I've named the layout "Irresistable".
The inspiration for this layout is from the look of Chloe's eyes in the photograph. It looks so round with that spectacles on. Therefore, I've decided to create a page full of circles.
This time, I want to try the pattern papers cut-outs technique. I've used some cut-outs from various pattern papers that I've had in my stash and enhanced them using various simple techniques to avoid the flat look on them. (Refer to "Enhance your Cut-outs" in tips and tricks section)
I've also used punchers to create some details on my matting. (Refer to "Detailing with Punchers" in tips and tricks section)
The overall look of the layout that I wanted to achieve is simple, colourful with some details on it.

Enhance your Cut-outs

I saw quite a number of layouts using pattern papers cut-outs nowadays. I believed it's a very smart idea and a great technique. Have you tried to add your personal touched to your cut-outs by enhancing it using various simple and fast techniques? I've used some cut-outs in my latest layout titled "Irresistable" (baby gallery) and I've enhanced every piece of my cut-outs in that layout.

I think it's fun to enhance the cut-outs first before using them in your layout. It shows a more personalized embellishment on your layout. You can even add some dimensions to it with a few simple techniques.

To enhance your cut-outs you can use some of the techniques below:

1. Use some paint markers or gel pens to doodle on it.

2. Attached some sequins to it.

3. Add some beadings on it.

4. Multi-layered mattings.

5. Add some small papers, cardstocks or crafting foams punched outs ie. small stars, flowers. circles etc.

6. Add some brads or eyelets.

7. Add some fabric or plastics flowers to it.

8. Inking, chalking or stamp on it.

I believed there are more great ways to enhance the cut-outs. Therefore, try enhancing your cut-outs before using them in your next project. You will never see another layout having the same cut-outs as yours again.

Detailing with Punchers

Some of my blog readers asked me, how did I do all those detailing in my layouts. It seems time consuming to them. Actually, some of the detailing techniques that I used aren't time consuming at all.

For example in my latest layouts titled "Irresistable" and "Heroes Of Earth" in my baby and family gallery, I've used some punchers and a few paint markers and gel pens to create those details there.
To create these simple details, just follow the steps below:
1. Use some pattern punchers or even some simple round punchers to punch a free style design on your paper or cardstock.
2. Later, use some paint markers and gel pens to enhance the punched design. To add more details, simply do more free hand doodling around the punched design.
Therefore, it's not that difficult at all and definitely not time consuming. I hope some of you could try this technique in your next layout.


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