Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm nominated as one of the Best Hobby Blog!

Woohoo! One of my reader had nominated me as the Best Hobby Blog at Blogger's Choice awards 2008. Thanks Tejal! If you wish to vote for me, just click on this link

"Blogger's Choice Awards" or the badge on the right of my blog!

Thanks for all your support! I love all my readers! Hugs!


Beate said...

Ofcourse I will give you a vote. I visit your blog almost everyday. Thanks for a lot of inspiration. :)

Daisy Chain said...

I have cast my vote for you. Your creations are amazing, and you are on my blogroll so I don't miss a thing. Good luck.

Love Debbie xx

Wiccababe said...

I have voted for you - I'm so in awe of your layouts.
also wanted to let you know I've left a wee something for you on my blog - all the way from scotland

Rleen said...

Irene, a BIG CONGRATS from me you deserve it! Of course I will vote for you. I love your blog, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful creations.

And you have an award please check my blog.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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