Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Flower Birthday Card

This is my latest flower birthday card for a very good friend of mine. I've created the flower template myself using some circles of different sizes from objects around me.

It's a hanging birthday card. I've stamped and inked on the scallops and the middle portion too. I've also used a white pen to doodle some dots to it too. I've cut out a chipboard circle and covered it with a purple pattern paper for the center and attached it to the flower using a foam tape to give some dimensions to the card.

This idea is actually inspired by a flower tag that I saw sometime ago. I love the scallop look and I think it would be great and unique as a card too!

Sources: Cardstock: Bazzill Basics Paper, Ink: Tim Holtz's Distress Ink, Brilliance and Memories, Brads: Making Memories, Stamps: Making Memories, Others: Zig pens and Sakura Souffle Pen.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Christmas Cards for Charity

These are some of the Christmas cards that I've made for charity and some of my friends. I've hand drawn the socks template. Each card is decorated in different colour theme and has various different elements on them. They are hanging Christmas cards where the recipient can also hand it on their Christmas tree.
I really hope that besides bringing happiness to their recipients, these cards could also bring some happiness and blessings to those that are not so fortunate. I believed that everyone deserves a little blessings at this time of year. With this post, I would also liked to wish all my blog readers and friends, Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Birthday Card

This is another birthday card that I've made for a friend. I've hand doodled all the vines, the quotes and the small flowers. There are gold touches everywhere on the vines, the small flowers and the butterflies too.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Cabbage Flower Birthday Card

This is a birthday card that I've made for a friend of mine. It's a rather simple card as compared to some of my cards.
I've stamped on almost every piece of papers that I used here. To add some softness to it, I've added a strip of ribbon on it.
I've created a cabbage flower for this card. (Refer to "Create you own Cabbage Flower" in my tips and tricks section) It is attached using some foam adhesives to give some dimensions to the card.

Creating your own "Cabbage Flower"

Recently, I've created what I called the "Cabbage Flower" in one of my card. I've called it cabbage flower because it does looks liked one.

Here are the simple steps to create a cabbage flower.

1. Trace out some circles of different sizes on few different papers.

2. Use the tearing technique to tear it out instead of cutting it out.

3. Add some depth by inking and stamping some details on it.

4. Pinch the edges of each circles to make sure it curves up. This will give more dimensions to the flower.

5. Attached them in layers and finished it with an embellishment of your choice in the middle.

This is a very simple flower technique. Hope you all would give it a try!

Friday, October 19, 2007


This is a layout about Ryan being so adventurous while we take him feeding some tortoise. He is so determined to do the procedure right.
In this layout I've used two photographs of Ryan and I want to make it looked link together. I try avoiding the technique of attaching two photographs onto the same matting. Therefore, I've thought of the lacing technique to link them up. It gives so much depths to the overall look.
I've also used the multi-layers masking technique here to create a more interesting background to work with.
In this layout, I've created some unique embellishments using the "Stitch Up your Buttons" technique. Refer to my tips and tricks section.
I've also used some transparencies to create sort of small quotes overlays to dress up the corners of the photographs.
The title is hand-written and I've also created the chipboard circles from scratch. I've used some foam tapes to attached it to give some dimensions to the layout.

Stitch Up your Buttons

Recently, in my latest layout title "Adventurous" in my family gallery, I've stitched my buttons to create a unique embellishment. This is an idea inspired by a challenge that I'm in.

Actually I've created the buttons from scratch out of chipboard and some pattern papers. You can use any kind of premade buttons to do this. Later I've used a red thread to stitch the buttons onto the layout using a unique stitch design.

Try this idea in your next layout to create more unique embellishments.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mini Accordion Addresses Album

This is a mini accordion addresses album that I've made for a very dear friend. I've used some mounting boards to create this album from scratch.
I've folded half the flower and used a swirl decorative clip to hold it in place. To add some bling, I've attached some sequins to that clip.
This accordion album is created using some ribbons to join the pieces together and covered up using some pattern papers or card stocks. All the small flowers are inked punch outs.
I've taken the photographs above before I've attached the addresses in it.

B&W Thank You Card with Transparency

This is another black and white thank you card that I've created for a very good friend of mine. I've used a white paint marker doodled transparency for this card. I've also cut open a window in the middle and the quote is written inside the card. I've doodled a border all along the edges of this card. All pattern papers and card stocks had been stamped and inked.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


This layout is really something I've never thought I would be able to create even at this moment while I'm uploading it to my blog. This is my first ever "Me" layout and it's also my first layout with this much of doodling. I must really admit that it's not easy at all to do a layout about yourself. Looking at my own photograph does not really tells me much except "???".

First of all, I've used the "Steel Ruler Technique" to distress the edges of my photograph. (Refer to my tips and tricks section)

For this layout, I've stenciled some daisies and stamped on the pattern papers.

I've created a transparency pocket for my tag. (Refer to "Create a Transparency Pocket" in my tips and tricks section)

I've also used some crafting wires on my hand doodled flowers. (Refer to "Crafting Wires on Flowers" in my tips and tricks section)

In the right side of the layout, I've used the masking technique to create the blocking and I've also used some corrugated papers to create some dimensions to it. To add some softness to the layout, I've used some fibers on the tag and some ribbons on the lower right hand corner. I've also hand cut the title and stamped on it. All the white borders or frames are all hand doodling.

It has been tough but it's also fun to have tried something new to me. I hope you all would also try something new for your next layout too.

Crafting Wire on Flowers

In my recent layout titled "Inquisitive" in my family gallery, I've used some crafting wire to create some dimensions on my doodled flowers.

I've used a tweezers to hold one end of the crafting wire and slowly turn the wire in circles to create this flat spiral look. This idea had definitely given my flowers some depth.

Create a Transparency Pocket

This idea struck me when I'm trying to figure out how can I showcase my tag when it's in a pocket. Therefore I've created a transparency pocket in my latest layout titled "Inquisitive" in my family gallery.

I've used a paint marker to doodle on it first and I've used some brads to attach it to that layout. I love how it turns out and I will definitely use this technique again.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mini Transparency Addresses Album

This is a mini transparency addresses album on a COF which I've made for a dear friend of mine. It's quite a challenging project for me. Every time I attached something onto it, I have to make sure I hide the adhesives away by attaching something else at the back. Behind every page, I've added a quote about life. Hope she will like it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mini Flower Addresses Album

This is a mini flower addresses album of a COF that I've made for a friend of mine. I've Layered the flower in the front cover with a black hand cut flower and some sequins. I've stamped the background and stencilled some flowers on too.
Only the first and the last piece of card stock were cut using the small scallop decorative scissors.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Black & White Thank You Card

This is a black and white thank you card which I've challenged myself into making. It's such a difficult task to restrict the colours only to blacks and whites but I'm glad how it finally turned out.
I've stamped the background with a flower stamp and I've also used a flower and a checks border stencils on it too.
I've used a white corrugated paper to give some dimensions to it. The flowers are actually stamped and doodled on. To add little bling, I've used some light black or rather dark grey sequins on it.

Sources: Cardstock: Provo Craft, Ink: Tim Holtz's Distress Ink and Memories, Stamps: Making Memories, Others: Ric-racs, sequins, zig pen and uni-ball signo pen


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