Monday, August 4, 2008

Creating your Faux Metal Pieces

This is actually a very basic technique of using the perfect pearls (aged patina) series. I'm sure you all could do this without a sweat.

Here are the steps.
1) First trace and cut out a few pieces of shapes which you would like it to have a metal look. I've used some hinges to trace it onto some black card stock (Tip: The colours of the card stock should be of a dark colour to get the best effect) I've attached together 3 pieces of hinges to make one so that I could get some dimensions and thickness to it. (To make 2 hinges, I've cut out 6 pieces of back card stock hinges) If you have a die cutting machine, this would be a piece of cake! (Unfortunately, that's not the case for!)
2) Then, inked all over the hinges with the perfect medium which is the medium that will enable the perfect pearls powders to stick to it.
3) Use a dry brush and start dusting perfect pearls aged patina on it. I've used a mixture of pewter, blue patina and green patina in the picture above. Later brush of the excess using a wide dry soft brush. Mist some water all over it to set it.
4) Before the water dries, trying pounding it using anything you can find. You can use a ruler, end of a brush, end of a pencil and even a handheld puncher. This is to create a more distressed and realistic look for the faux metal hinges. Let it dry completely and later use some black soot distress ink to ink the edges of it. Lastly, add some brads or small metal embellishment to it and you're all done!

Try it! I will definitely experiment further with this fabulous product!


Mescrap said...

Beautiful & creative !!

Marsha said...

Cool! I like how you layere th hinges to give them more diminsion. I've tried my perfect pearls once and it was a mess, but now that I've read your instructions, I think I'll give it a try again

cindy said...

Awesome. i am actually getting ready to try this and put them on a cabinet door for decoration. Cindy


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