Saturday, October 31, 2009

23 Weeks!

Here's one of Hiro's latest picture. His fur around his neck is growing so much that it's forming kind of a mane. From this week onwards, we take him out for a short morning walk around the neighbourhood everyday. He loves it and look forward to it every time.
Yesterday, we've bought for him a new water bowl which is heavier than his current one. He actually loves to play with his water bowl too much and spilled all his water. He ended up not having any water to drink while we were not at home. When we came back, he ran straight to the bathroom and drank water from the wet floor inside. Luckily we weren't out for too long and the weather aren't too hot. Therefore, we've decided to get another water bowl for him to prevent that happening again.
We've also bought a muzzle guard for him. We plan to use it as a way to punish him when he is not behaving such as chewing on furniture and nibble on others toes and fingers. I'm hoping that this will work.
I was actually hoping to see a Siberian Husky in Russia while I was there but have no luck with that. I was only able to see some German Shepherds.


Friday, October 30, 2009

My Playful Girl Mini Album

This is a mini album that I've created sometime ago for Clear Scraps. I've used the owl chipboard mini album and load of colourful pattern papers and embellishment from My Little Shoebox. It's a fun project and I've loads of giggle in the process of creating.
Below are some pictures of the pages inside this mini album.

The technique involved in this mini album is basically making use of the amazingly colourful pattern papers and create layering and embellishment out of it. I actually had some difficulties trying to plan out this project initially due to the colourful papers which are not really my usual style. I just let myself loose and try to play along with the colours. As I always say "Scrap with your heart and don't forget to have fun too!"
Now, I think it's really fun to create some colourful projects once a awhile. It brings out the happy mood in me. If you have not tried creating a colourful project, I think you should. It's a new door that you should open and discover it! Have fun creating!

Sources: Chipboard album: Clear Scraps; Cardstock: Bazzill; Pattern Papers: My Little Shoe Box; Inks: Ranger Distress Inks, Tsukineko Staz On; Stamps: My Stamp Box; Overlay: My Little Shoe Box; Others: Ranger Stickles, Ranger Glossy Accents, Ranger Dimensional Pearls, Prima flowers, Queen & Co felt scrolls, Blueyedezines felt borders, lace, ribbons, floss for stitching, Glue Dots, Zip Dry and other adhesives.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

More pictures at Russia

As promised, here are some of the pictures taken during my classes and my visit to Art Corner (Artugolok), Moscow, Russia. I've had so much fun teaching there. I need to thank the Art Corner for inviting me to teach in Moscow and to all the wonderful and amazing students that had attended my classes. Hope you all enjoyed it and we'll meet again sometime.
For some of you who had taken pictures with me during the classes and would want it to be included in my little mini album, feel free to email them to me at
There will be more news to share about my upcoming trip to USA soon!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another Huge Giveaway!!

It's time again for another huge giveaway at The Crop Spot!!! This giveaway consists of the products that I've used in my next month's mini album tutorials. Packed with loads of new Graphic 45 line, Prima, Robin's Nest, Clear Scraps, Creative Imaginations, Hambly and more!!!
One very lucky winner will win all these products and get it in time to follow along my tutorials next month. So, are you all ready for an early Christmas? Check out the details on this giveaway here!
Good Luck everyone!!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Monday!!

It's another project at the Crop Spot! This week, we'll have more fun with Distress Inks. Besides stamping and inking, do you know of more ways to use them? In this week's tutorial, I'll show you all a project where I've used Distress Ink differently.

Check out the project and read the tutorial here. Hope you all find this tutorial fun and interesting! Happy experimenting!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

At 22 Weeks!

We've actually went to collect Hiro back from the boarding house immediately after we've arrived home from Russia. We're glad to see him so happy there and still as active as ever. Everyone there loves him and he is so well taken care of. Guess I've found a great place to board him in future whenever I need to travel again.

Just in a week time, he has grown so much. I noticed that his fur is slowly growing back after the last shedding. I can see he has more whites now as before. We like it as it resembles more of the white snow...LOL!

He has outgrown his old collar and now this red one is his new collar. He looks so cute in it. He catches a lot of attention when we take him for walks around the neighbourhood.

Besides Hiro, I would love to post a little about my preference in teaching trips or rather "how would I plan for my teaching trip?"

After my recent teaching trip and announcing about my upcoming teaching trip, I've received quite a number of emails, comments and messages. I've been asked whether could I come to a certain place, area or country to teach? Include their area in my teaching trip? I think I should explain it here for all. Firstly, how do I plan the place to teach? Actually, I don't particularly plan where to teach. In fact all my teaching trips had been invited and sponsored directly by the organizer. Of course I do have the final say as to whether I would be able to go. Secondly, could I cover a certain place in my teaching trip? It might be a little difficult unless it's an invite and of course sponsored too. So, my final answer to you all would be if you all would love to have me teaching some classes at your area, try to get someone that are willing to organize it and sponsor my trip. This can be a group effort. If the timing is right and fit my schedule, I'll definitely try to make it as I'm always up for meeting my readers all around the world.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Some pictures of Russia!

Both me and my husband had taken loads of pictures of Russia during this trip. Below are some of it to share. I think we've had about more than 700 shots....LOL!

Moscow is a city with full of history and amazing crafting talents. You can find artist almost everywhere. I love the creative atmosphere and the stunning craftsmanship that had made the city what it is today!
I will also share some pictures taken during my classes soon. If you've taken any pictures during my classes, feel free to email me and share them with me. Just click on the "email me" on the right of my blog.
I'm in the process of planning for my next teaching trip....the USA!! This will be my first teaching trip there! So excited!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Projects of Classes in Russia!!

I'm finally back in Malaysia! I've had so much fun teaching in Russia. The hospitality are just amazing! The students are really awesome and I'm so glad that I've had this opportunity to meet them. Thank you Irina, my very friendly and talented translator whom I've relied on very much during my stay in Russia. You've made my trip there so much easier! Of course, I will have to thank the organizer, Art Corner (, who had invited me to teach there in the first place.

I hope for those of you who had attended my classes had enjoyed it as much as I do. As promised, below are the pictures of the class projects.


Mini Album:

I hope someday I'll be able to teach in Moscow again! Thank you very much for all the kind and warmth welcome! Спасибо!

I'll share more pictures on Moscow soon!


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