Thursday, August 28, 2008

Doodling with Stickles

What is Stickles? I have received quite a few emails asking me this question. I think it's because I used it so often in my projects and I've forgotten to post a brief description about this product. Stickles is a cool product manufactured by Ranger Ink. They are actually glitter glue which comes in bottles with an awesome fine flow tip and in variety of colours. It's so easy to use and give a vibrant sparkle effect to your projects.

I have been using it to add a little sparkle to my projects. Lately, I've even used it to doodle on my projects. The fine flow tip allows you to draw, dots and embellish on any of your work. It can be used on most surfaces ie. paper, transparencies, acrylics, metal, foams, leather, fabric etc.

It can be so addictive once you start to use them. Try them!


Sherry Goodloe said...

I LOVE Stickles! I have every color they have out. My favorite is Platinum. It seems to go with just about EVERYTHING!

Jocelyn said...

Irene, These little wonders have lots of uses. I just used them last night to decorate my grandson's coffee can for Kindergarten to hold his school supplies in his cubbie! My son in law laughed last night when he came home and saw Evan's altered can! I'm sure it will be the best in the class! Love these for everything!


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