Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Stonehenge Sisters

This is a layout on the members of The Stonehenge group in one of the forum that I'm in. It's for the group's challenge. The challenge is to create a group members layout using "stonehenge" as inspiration.
After my last light colours layout, I would liked to challenge myself in doing a very dark colours layout. Therefore I've used quite a number of dark colour papers in this layout. This layout had been quite challenging where I've to include twelve separate individuals photographs in it.
In order to achieve the group looked, I've hand stitched some rectangles to link all the photographs together. This also met the requirement of using "stonehenge" as inspiration for this layout as the rectangles actually resembles the "stonehenge" rocks. (You can refer to "Stitches to link up photographs!" in my tips and tricks section.)
I've also create the flowers using vellums. This had actually soften the look of the dark colours layout. (You can refer to "Vellum Flowers" in my tips and trciks section.)
As a whole, this layout is all about dark colours and using vellums. I hope that my fellow group members would also like this layout.

Stitches to link up photographs!

This technique is actually inspired by one of my forum challenges which is to create a layout using "Stonehenge" as inspiration. This layout consists of twelve photographs which is rather difficult to scrap as they are individuals photographs and are not link with a common event. They are actually photographs of members of the Stonehenge support group in one of the forum that I'm in.

In this layout, I've hand stitched lines of rectangles to link of the photographs together. The rectangles resembles the "stonehenge" rocks.

This might sounds a weird technique but it works fine for this layout. To see the finished layout, you can refer to "The Stonehenge Sisters" layout in my others gallery.

Vellum Flowers

In my latest layout, I've tried to use some vellums to create a more sophisticated flower. I've read it in some forums that quite a number of scrappers aren't comfortable in using vellums. Actually, vellums are great in many ways. One of them are using it to create flowers. It will create a soft look on your layout.

Simply follow the steps below to create the flower on my latest layout title "The Stonehenge Sisters" in my others gallery

1. Cut out a square vellum and draw a simple corner design on one corner. If you would liked to use a corner punch, then you can skip the drawing step.

2. Fold the vellum into halfs and then into quarters. Cut out the design in the corner. With this you will get an identical design for all four corners. You can also use a corner punch in this step too.

3. Fold your vellum again and this time draw some "fish bones" design on it and cut along those lines.

4. Fold open the "fish bones" cuts outwards. Later, repeat the steps above with a smaller square vellum and add some details on it using stampings, inking or doodling. You can add as many layers as you wish.

The vellum flower add some softness to my layout which is full of dark colours. Hope you all like it and give this a try!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


This is a layout about Chloe and my interpretation about what she is thinking. Ryan was actually playing with her and he had put Chloe's bolster on her head. She is having so much fun with Ryan until I take my camera out. When she saw my camera, her expression suddenly turn from happy and cheerful to this. I just have to capture this moment.
After looking at this photograph, I just can't stop wondering what is in her mind at that moment. With that I've titled this layout "hmm..." and I've journaled about what I've guessed.
The inspiration for this layout actually came to me when I was browsing my own gallery and thought that I've done quite a number of dark coloured layouts and would liked to have a change. Therefore, I've challenged myself to create a light coloured earth tones layout. In the process, I've tried very hard to keep the light colours in the elements and the papers that I've used.
I've created my own background paper in this layout. (Refer to "Using Cut-Outs to create your Background Paper" in my tips and tricks section)
I've also stamped and inked on the daisy in this layout. (Refer to "Stamping on Flowers" in my tips and tricks section)
I've used mulberry paper to create the big circle in the layout. This is to add some textures to it.
I've also enhanced the flourishes lace in the layout. (Refer to "Stamp and Enhance your Laces" in my tips and tricks section.)
This layout is something that is fresh from the styles that I'm used to and I hope that it will also be inspiring to you.

Stamp and Enhance your Laces

Lately, I've tried to use some flourishes lace in my latest layout titled "hmm..." in my baby gallery. After placing the lace on the layout, I just thought that it's too flat and needed some colours and dimensions to it.

Therefore, I've used some butterflies and beetle stamps to stamp on it and used some coloured brads to enhanced the flourishes on the lace. (Tip: remember to give the stampings on the lace sometime to dry) I've also inked the lace to distress it a bit in order to match the layout.

With these enhancement, the lace actually looked more dimensional and interesting! So, try to stamp and enhanced your laces in your next layout!

Using Cut-Outs to create your Background Paper

In my lastest layout titled "hmm..." in my baby gallery, I've used some enhanced cut-outs to create it's background paper. The reason I've did this is because I would liked my background paper to give sort of a focal point in the middle for better showcasing my overall layout.

These are the steps that I've gone through to create the background paper.

First of all, I've used some twines to mask the center of the pattern paper and later I've used a self-made torn square mask to mask around the edges of the pattern paper. (For more explanations on the twines masking, you can refer to "Create your own Designed Paper" in my tips and tricks section.)

Secondly, I've cut out some squares of designs from pattern papers and enhanced it by tearing it's edges, stamping and inking on it. Then I've randomly paste it on the background paper with some idea of how the layout should be.

This is another fun process for me. Always remember that you don't have to force yourself into using a particular pattern paper when it's not right to you. Just use some creativity and imagination, and you'll have your own designed paper just right for your layout!

Sunday, July 22, 2007


This is a layout on some photographs that I've taken during the Parent's Day occasion at Ryan's pre-school.
I've captured the faces of some kids with Ryan during that day and these photographs had actually inspired me on the title for this layout and design of it. As the old saying goes, kids are the future. And with that, I've titled the layout "Future".
The sweet faces on the photographs had actually brought my thoughts back to some childhood art such as spirographs which I've also came across some recent magazine layouts using it. Therefore, I've decided to give it a try in this layout.
First of all, I've altered my pattern papers using two different techniques. (You can refer to "Design using Stamp Pad" and "Alter your Pattern Papers with Spirographs" in my tips and tricks section)
Secondly, I've used spirographs too, to add some characters to the flowers that I've used here. (Refer to "Add On to your Flowers with Spirographs" in my tips and tricks section)
I've used a hidden tag to do my journaling in this layout which is hidden within the pile of photographs. I've hand sewn all the stitches in this layout using some emboidery thread. I've pull some colours from the left side of the layout to the pile of photographs by using some matching colours stitches.
I've used some hand held hole punchers to punch out some small yellow and white circles of crafting foams to embellished the big circle and the swirls. This will add some dimensions to the layout.
This is the first multi-photographs layout that I've done in months and with seven photographs, it can be quite challenging. Hope you all liked what I've come up with.
Sources: Cardstock: Provo Craft, Pattern paper: Paper Pizazz, Ink: Tim Holtz's Distress Ink, Memories, Brads: Making Memories, Others: Zig pens, crafting foams, spirograph set and Prima flowers

Add on to your flowers with spirographs

I've been going all the way with spirographs in my latest layout titled "Future" in my family gallery. Therefore, I've also used spirographs in most of my embellishments in this layout.

I've drawn some spirographs on white cardstocks and later cut them out and inked on the edges. Then I've attached the flowers onto it with some button brads.

This technique had given more characters to the flowers that I've used in this layout.

Alter your Pattern Papers with Spirographs

I've always wanted to try using spirographs in my layouts. I've decided to try it out in my latest layout titled "Future" in my family gallery.

First of all, I've used a simple spirograph set to create some spirographs on the pattern paper randomly. This will helped me to alter it into a spirographs pattern paper.

Secondly, to tone down the bold bright colours, I've used some distress ink to inked all the edges and partially into the pattern paper too, leaving some spots of colours here and there.

With this two steps, I'm able to alter the simple bold bright coloured pattern paper into a pattern paper with interesting spirographs on it which are backed by spots of colours all over.

This is a very fun technique and I've enjoyed doing it. Hope you all would also give it a try!

Design using Stamp Pad

This is a technique that I've used in my latest layout titled "Future" in my family gallery.

I've had this pattern paper with some designs of wood grain on it but the colours on it looked too flat. I wanted to do something to it so that it will looked more interesting and with an obvious texture on it.

I've used my distress ink stamp pad and inked it randomly onto the pattern paper. I've inked it a few layers so that I'm able to create different tones of it. This is a very simple way of adding some textures looked onto your pattern papers.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


This layout is about explaining Chloe's name. When I first took the photograph of Chloe with the daisy, I've actually never thought of doing a layout to explain her name.

The idea came to me when I've tried to get some inspirations by looking at the photograph for sometime. She is so adorable with that daisy on and the thought of she is as beautiful as the daisy, suddenly triggered me the idea that her name actually means blooming!

That's how the inspiration for the title came to me and with that title, I've thought of doing a page with more flowers and some blings to resembles how precious is she to me. The pearl in the middle of the daisy explains it all.
of daisies on the right hand upper corner of the layout and I've also add some blings to it too!

The process of creating this layout had been fun and I hope you all would give some of the techniques here a go!

Sources: Cardstock: Bazzill Basics Paper, Pattern Paper: Paper Pizazz, Ink: Tim Holtz's Distress Ink, ColorBox and Memories, Brads: Making Memories, Others: Zig pens, Uni-ball Signo Pen, rhinestones, sequins, silk flower.


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