Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hiro fans!

It's time to talk about Hiro again. He is 43 weeks now. This week, he has been very cheeky. He tried all kinds of ways to get our attention which included licking my laptop! We loves it when anyone chase after him and he would play the chase and trick part in the process. Recently, I've noticed that there are more droplets of his saliva around his designated areas. Is there a reason for that? Normally there are some but not as much as this week. Does your dog leaves tons of saliva all around your house?

Tomorrow, I'll be posting about another post of mine on The Crop Spot and there will be a surprise too! Make sure you check back tomorrow for it! Have a fun weekend!


Penni said...

Hi Irene

Hiro has changed so much over these weeks. He has grown to become a very handsome dog.


youvegotmel said...

Hi Irene, Hiro is an Alaskan Malamute, right? I have one two. Her name is Bella and she's about a year and three months old. She does slobber sometimes, but only when she gets overly excited or really hot. She does howl alot though, which I find very entertaining! I read up on it a bit and apparently they are called Malamute's because they don't bark alot, are fairly quiet breeds, they howl instead! Bella is very active, very entertaining, is just beautiful and has boundless energy! your pup is so cute!


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