Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's Hiro's time!

This week, I would like to share this picture of Hiro where you can see how big his eyes are. He has actually received tons of comments about his big eyes. Aren't they amazing! We originally wanted a blue eye husky but ended up falling in love with this pair of amazing big brown eyes of Hiro's. That's what changed out mind. From the first time both me and my hubby saw his picture when he is about 7 weeks old, we know that he is the one that we want.

I'm actually in Kuala Lumpur right now teaching two full day of classes. Will try to upload some pictures to share soon. Have a great weekend!


Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife said...

That's what it is!! I knew there was something unique about him and its his beautiful eyes. That is amazing that they are brown. Is this rare??

As always...I love seeing pics of him.


Denise said...

He is just beautiful!

pooky said...

Hope your having fun! Your Hiro is so beautiful! He looks really happy in this picture!

Mrs. L said...

Hiro just gets cuter and cuter every monthy. Such a great looking dog!

a dancing needle said...

I love your dog! We have a Husky also! This is our second Husky, we had our first one for 15 years before she passed! Echo, the one we have now is 3 years old. We have had him since he was baby! He is the sweetest! Both of our Huskies had one blue eye & one brown eye!We did just get a little friend for Echo, I wanted another Husky but we are already on dog hair overload! Check out my blog if you want to see our dogs! Enjoy yours! They are the sweetest dogs!! I will check back for more pictures!!


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