Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another Week

Above is a latest picture of Hiro. Look how thin he is now when he is shedding. Hopefully he will stop shedding soon and start growing all those gorgeous furs. This two weeks had been a tiring one for me. Loads of vacuming and mopping around the house....LOL!

I just can't wait for next weekend come. The two full days scrapping retreat would be so much fun! For those of you who had registered for the classes, do bring any distress inks and staz on that you have to avoid waiting time. If you have glossy accents, Glue Dots, Pop dots or Zip Dry, bring them. It's going to be a party of inks!  


Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife said...

I always love when you post pictures of Hiro. He is such beautiful dog.


marshmallow jane said...

He is so precious. What a beautiful dog.

Angie Smith said...

Hey Irene, you are my idol. I absolutely love your work and I follow your blog all the time. I studied to be a vet years ago before getting hurt permanently in an auto accident and I wanted to share a little something with you to help control all that shedding Hiro is experiencing. It's actually a vitamin supplement that we use in the show world of dogs. I am not sure if it is available in your country but you maybe able to order it from the states. The name of it is "Canine Red Cell." It has a very bitter taste for the dog so you would have to administer it by syringe (without a needle) in the back of the throat. I always administer 1cc per day behind the throat and eventually the dog with get used to taking it. But in the meanwhile, you may have to hold his muzzle shut for a little while after administering so he doesn't shake his head and spit it out. I promise you will see quite a difference in his coat and the shedding. I hope this helps you with all the cleaning chores.

Sue said...

Hiro is so beautiful, he is growing fast, is he well behaved I have two sweeties and I can't say either are very good but we love them dearly, a house is not a home with out a dog I think don't you. Take care Irene hope all the family is well. Hugs Sue


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