Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stamping using Acrylic Paint

I've actually received an email asking me about this technique and I've also been told that I've not included this tip in the tip and technique section at my! are a little explanations about this technique.

Why use acrylic paint to stamp? First of all, you could use acrylic paint to stamp on papers and on most surfaces which are water resist based ie. acrylic, transparency etc.

As most of us do use solvent ink to stamp on water resist surfaces, we seldom think of using acrylic paint. I chose to use acrylic paint on some of my projects for a few reasons.

1) If I want a more vibrant stamped image
2) If I don't have the colour of solvent ink
3) If I want to play with different thickness of the medium use for stamping
4) If I want to mixed in some other mediums in the stamping process

How do you stamp using acrylic paint?Normally I would just use a brush and apply the acrylic paint onto the stamp before stamping. You have to do it fast though to avoid the acrylic paint drying up. I've tried to dab my stamp onto acrylic paint for stamping but it seems so difficult for me to control the amount of paint I want for stamping. However, there's an easy solution for this, Ranger has a series of acrylic paint dabber which allows you to apply the paint directly onto the stamp without a brush. If you're using acrylic paint, you can mix all the colours you want and even apply different colours on different sections of your stamp.

It's actually very easy to stamp using acrylic paint. You just need a little patience in the cleaning process. So, start stamping now!!


Tereza Crump said...

sometimes we forget those simple and basic supplies we have on hand!! great tip!! :)

{ Kristina } said...

Your tips and techniques are always so great. Thanks for sharing! :)

mininessie said...

great tip Irene!
thanks for sharing!!

retiredheather said...

thanks for all the great ideas.

paulien710 said...

This is awesome!
Thanks for this explanation Irene!!!!


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