Thursday, December 20, 2007

Scissors Distressing Technique

I have use this techniques a few times before but I guess somehow I've forgotten to blog about it until one of my blog reader asked me about one of my work. So, I've decided to use this technique again in my latest layout titled "Sweet Girl" in my baby gallery.

Here are the steps in using the scissors distressing technique.

1. Use a pair of scissors and drag or slide it across the edge of your paper. (Tips: Be bold and do not worry about tearing or cutting your paper)

2. After you've finished all the four edges of your paper, this is what it will look like. You can absolutely use your paper as it is now or you can add some depths to it with the next step.

3. For my layout, I've used two colours of Distress Ink to ink on the distressed edges of the paper. The choice of colours here, will depends of the colour scheme of your layout. Since I want to create a combo of green and red layout, I've used frayed burlap (which is dark but has a hint of green in it) and black soot. This step would definitely adds more depths to your distressed paper.
I've also used the same technique to distress the photograph in my layout.


ateliersdeval said...

Merci beaucoup pour tous ces précieux conseils. C'est absolument magnifique

Anonymous said...

Its beautiful! You dd is gorgeous and the distressing on the pic was a great addition to the whole scheme of hte LO! Love your work! Keep rockin the scrapworld with your giftedness!

LME said...

Love all the tips Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

wouaou !!!! it's amazing, so délicious.... ce blog est fantastique, magique et si merveilleux qu'on a du mal à en croire ses yeux !!! merci pour les conseils si précieux !!!! et BRAVO pour ton talent ! tu es une artiste !!!!!

Jozebelle said...

Ahh well it wasn't that hard as I thought!!! I rhink I can manage that...Thanks by the way

Anonymous said...

oh thank you so much Irene for answering me so quickly. It looks so easy. I will give it a go.

Jo-Anne Picker

♥ Sonja Bekker ♥ said...

Hello bety,

thank you voor the e-mail
now I know how to do the scissors tecniek,

with love sonja


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