Thursday, December 20, 2007

Paper Doileys as Flowers

In my layout "Sweet Girl", I've used some paper doileys to create a flower. It's a very simple technique and details in paper doileys actually creates very beautiful flowers.

To create your own paper doileys flowers, simply follow the steps below.

1. Use a piece of paper doiley and paint or ink your choice of colours on it. In my flower, I've used some red pigment inks to ink the first layer and then lightly dab on some black pigment ink to give some depths to it.

2. Cut your paper doiley into halves and fold it in a way that you're creating pleats to it.

3. Then join both halves and voila! You have your flower! If you would liked to have a full flower, you can add more paper doileys to it until you get a full circle. In my flower, I've used some mini brads to hold the pleats in place.


Leigh Anne said...

awesome technique!! and the little brads are a perfect touch too!

Anonymous said...

oh my... what a fab idea!!! storing... right now! Nina

Anonymous said...

I feel this need to now go buy some paper doilies! lol

OHHHH I just thought of this... I am sooo gonna use this we have a Valentines Banquet coming up for the church hosted by the Youth group and Mom has asked me to make the place cards... YEAAAAAUH! I am gonna use your idea and put little doiley flowers on them!! Ha thanks fo the inspiration!!

Anonymous said...

Your work is fantastic! I am under the charm! Please share all these technics!
vraiment très beau !

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOOOOOO,thos pp flowers are sooo FAB! I gotta do that!! THANK YOU THANK YOU for sharing!!!


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