Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tissue Tapes Wrapping

Have you all tried using Tim Holtz idea-ology new tissue tapes? They are actually printed tissues that are made into adhesives tapes. These stuffs are so fun and versatile. Today, I'll be sharing a very simple way of using it. Wrapping!

Here are what I've tried.

In this first picture, I've used an acrylic slide frame and randomly wrap some tissue tape on it. It adds some cool design and prints to it.

In this second picture, I've wrap up a whole grungeboard piece with the tissue tape. It is very easy to wrap even on curvy areas because they are adhesive tapes which comes with an adhesive backing. Just snip off the tissue tape whenever you need to and start wrapping again from there. 
In this third picture, I did not wrap the whole of the grungeboard alpha, just partially and then ink the rest of the alpha. I've later cover it with glossy accents. Isn't this cool?

I have so many more ways of using these fun tapes in my head now! I'll definitely share them after my experiments! Hmm...what do you think about wrapping a box with it? Mix different prints of tissue tapes randomly? Colour it? Make it dimensional? create some fun borders? or simple just use it to replace some brads here and there? Happy experimenting!


Unknown said...


Shirl said...

What a great idea! Thank you so much for u make me have some too!

donna said...

YES that last one is Very cool!

Oliwiaen said...

Easy technique for a very nice effect! Thank you for sharing :-)

Sylvia from Minnesota said...

I love this effect! I'm gonna get me soma these. thanks for sharing

Melissa S. said...

How cool. NowI have to go get some of these. I have been looking at them but just not sure what to use them on. Now I do. Thanks for shareing.

Merrihew said...

Thanks for sharing this, Irene! I was wondering what to do with tissue tape and now I am excited to give it a try!


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