Monday, August 16, 2010

Swirly Challenge Sponsored By Swirlydoos!!

Are you all excited on what I'm going to say next?...Yes!!! You'll have a chance to win the Shabby Ambition  main kit by Swirlydoos!!! Imagine all the elegant, soft and feminine goodness in it!!

Ok, here's the catch!! Read it carefully.

1) Create a layout of any size with some "swirly" on it. You do not have to be a Swirlydoos kit subscriber or use anything from their kit. What is "swirly"? It can be some flourishes in the shapes of swirls, swirly stamps, swirly border punches, swirly vines, swirly path of butterflies or stars etc. Let the creativity flows!! When you're done with the layout, submit it by posting a link to it in the comment section here or email it to me at I'll upload it as a slide show at Swirlydoos blog!!

2) Go to Swirlydoos Blog and post a comment on the post "Swirly Challenge Sponsored By Swirlydoos!!", on "what you like about Swirlydoos kit!".

That's it! You all have till 31st August to submit your layouts and comments and the winner will be pick by Swirlydoos! So, what are you waiting for? Start creating and submit! Can't wait to see all the amazing and inspiring layouts with some "swirly". Let the fun begin!


Jennifer Snyder said...

Irene, I love this Shabby Ambition kit. I tried my hand at altering a small chest of drawers with the kit.
My Swirl is on the top of the chest.

It's a LO of a different kind - not your average flat 12x12.

Anita Scroggins said...
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Anita Scroggins said...

What luck - I just finished this LO with the swirly stamps in it. Boy - would I love to win this kit :)

Nora said...

Oh yes please, i would love to win that lovely Shabby Ambition mainkit by Swirlydoos:)) Thank you.

Amarilys said...

Awesome challenge! Love this Swirlydoos's kit. It's so soft and feminine!

Here's my entry:

Anita Scroggins said...

This helped motivate me to finish a project I have had "in progress" for a while. This LO took hours to finish, but I am pretty happy with the swirly results!

Julie Shoemaker said...

What a beautiful kit. Thanks for the challenge, you can find my LO here:

Sabina said...

What an awesome challenge! Thank you, Irene!
Here is my LO
Hugs, Sabina

Miss Mary said...

What a fun challenge Irene! Here is the link to my layout :)


Tiffany said...

I would so love to win this kit! Thank you for the awesome challenge - and inspiration! I have 2 boys and I am always scrapbooking their adventures, thus the boy layout. I included the swirls at the top. In case you're wondering what I'd do with this beautiful kit - the new 'manly color' is PINK! LOL - I could have such fun!

Jaqueline said...

Irene kit is prettu shabby. So delicate and very refined. I would love to win!
Thank you for this opportunity to swirlydoos.


Bart said...

Swirlydoo kits are the best! Here's the link to my layout:
Thanks for the opportunity. Love your stuff! Give a big hug to Hero for me.

Anonymous said...

Merrihew said:

Irene, Thanks for hosting this contest! I love Swirly Kits and you just can't have enough Swirly goodness, right?! Here is the link to the LO I just finished.

Wilma und Silvia said...

a Swirly-Challenge? Great, I love it.

Here ist my result:

Best wishes Silvia

Sandi McLean said...

I would of course love to win this enchanting kit! But the challenge has been fun - it got me to working on something I had set aside. You can find it at..

Thanks! said...

Here is my entry for the swirl challenge:
Thanks for inspiring me to make a beautiful page!

Melissa S. said...

I finally got this done today. this was a fun challenge and now that I have a Cricut it makes adding flourishes (swirlys) easy. My entry is here


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