Friday, July 30, 2010

Using Glass Effect Gel

Have you tried using the glass effect gel pen by Viva Decor? These gel pens are amazing in creating a dimensional stained glass look on your project. Check out the heart that I've created using these gel pens.

I've used a Clear Scraps acrylic heart as the base and adhered a velvet heart on top of it. Then, I've used two different colours of the glass effect gel pens to decorate it for the stained glass look. It creates such a cool effect on the clear acrylic! Try it!


Robin said...

That's so cool! Where can I get some?


Michelle H. said...

Wow!! What an amazing technique!
I love your stunning heart and love this idea!!
I will have to try this one day soon!!

Anonymous said...

Those pens are cool, i'l have to look out for them in my local store!!!!!

Kathy said...

this looks great I must try and get some

Melissa said...

That's cool!

vivacela said...

SO cool! Irene..U're a penangite? I jz found ur blog..You have cool projects done here! I'm thrilled when i see that u're a penangite!

Jozebelle said...

Hi my friend

Do you use those pens on acrylic shapes or????

Hugs Ann-Marie

Laura Kirste Campbell said...

Neat!! I'll have to look for this product, very cool!

Irene Tan aka Scrapperlicious said...

Hi Ann-Marie, Yes, I did use the gel pen on acrylic. In fact, the base of the heart that you see in the picture is an acrylic heart.


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