Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to Capture Photo?

This week, I would liked to talk about the topic "How to Capture Photographs of your Dogs?". As I really do not have a lot of experience in this, I would really love to hear whatever suggestions or advices you all have on this topic.

I find myself getting shots of the same angle all the time because that's when it's the easiest for me to capture it. If you have any idea or tricks that helps you in getting different shots of your dogs or pets, do share it here. You could also post links in the comment section here to share with me your photographs of your pets.

I would love to hear from you all and feel free to sign in my guestbook on the top of my blog. Love reading each and every of them to keep me motivated!!


V said...

I got this marvelous kids & pets function on my digital camera that allows me to capture moving subjects without the blur... and from there ... well I just take 50 pictures till I get a couple good ones... I stop thinking about it too much I just snap shots without over thinking it or waiting for my dog or daughter to stop moving and I usually end up with a nice amount of decent pictures... and about the same amount of really terrible ones lol

~Etoile~ said...

That is a nice capture!!! I really like the look in the eyes.

Laura Kirste Campbell said...

My dog is all black, and it's so hard to capture the details, no matter what the lighting is. It takes many photos to find one that works. The best one I've taken was when I set up a piece of fabric for the background and had him sit. The color set him off better than any other time I'd taken one. Perhaps this will inspire you to try using color behind Hiro next time you snap a shot. But he's a beauty, in any setting!

zandra said...

I sometimes put my camera on sports play and usually get a good shop with that? Also, having camera ready, just speak their name and click as they turn ~those are some of my best shots. Hope that helps. Hiro is so doggone cute!
Hugz, Z

Divineinspiration77 said...

Hi Irene! I've been following your work for sometime and I love Hiro's pictures. I have a Golden retriever and I always took pictures of her inside the house. I wanted something else so I went to the water pond at my apartment complex and while my mom was holding her I took some nice pictures of her. I have not done the Layouts yet but I can tell they'd be great. There are beautiful colors behind her and the sun was shining so no more darkness and flashes in the house.
Take Hiro to a park or square. They'll be great!

Divineinspiration77 said...

I have a Golden retriever and I took her outside for a walk with my mom. She would hold her and I'd take pictures of her around the lake and in front of some flower bushes. The pictures came out great and they will definitely look different from those taken inside the house. Take Hiro to a park or a square, it'll work wonders.


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