Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our Dear Husky time!

It's Hiro's time again! This week, we did not manage to take him outdoor as it's been pouring almost everyday. This picture is taken while he is having his meal. Recently, we've occasionally reward him with a home cook meal. It's nothing fancy, just steam cook some chicken meat. He really loves it! Do you prepare any special home cook meal for your pup or dog? Share it with us here!

Check back tomorrow for another new project from me!


Kay F said...

We give our little furpup the same thing as you...steamed chicken with just a hint of salt. He loves it!

grandmalee said...

I do the same thing with my dogs! I occasionally will pour some chicken broth over their dry kibble to give them some variety too. Before we started doing the no treat training, I would bake beef liver in the oven and then chop it up to use as a reward. One day, my dalmation actually jumped on top of the oven while it was cooling off and ate all of it! Whenever our dogs are sick, we add some chicken broth to boiled rice until they're doing better.

Karen Lee said...

Irene my doggie always gets a few bites of chicken when I prepare it for my dinner. Thats the only people food he ever gets. But he sure enjoys his chicken when he gets it!

xoxo Karen Lee

Divineinspiration77 said...

What a Beautiful picture, I love it!
For her birthday I give my dog roasted chicken, but only for her birthday ;)


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