Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekly Hiro's Update

It's another update about Hiro. This week, there are not much happenings as he is the same as usual but recently he is more into trying to talk to us. He barks at us at times as if he is trying to tell us something. This is not his usual behaviour.

Normally he seldom barks or howls. He is a very quiet dog. Even when he is asking to be let out to do his usual business, he would just walk up to the door and post there and stare at us. If we do not noticed about that, he will come to us and try to get our attention and when we look at him, he will quickly run to the door and post! Isn't that cute?

Next week, I won't be around to blog an instant update on Hiro but I'll try to schedule an update on him before I leave for Singapore.    

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