Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Upcoming Trip!!

HK Memory Chest

Yes! I'll be venturing to Hong Kong this December!!! I'll be teaching two fun workshops at HK Memory Chest on 4th December 2010! Both workshop projects fits perfectly as gifts or as keepsake for this upcoming holidays! It will be a technique filled day with both workshops.  Click here to read more about the description of the workshops and the pricing of it. Be prepared to get your hands dirty!! If you're from a neighbouring country and would like to join the workshops, feel free to contact for more details. 

I really hope to see you all there soon!


Mescrap said...

Congrates for the trip to Hong Kong.
It must be very fun.

Okispice said...

I'm going on a retreat that weekend in Okinawa. Otherwise I would love to come. Please keep me on the list for the next one!


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