Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Nice Contrast

This week, we've managed to capture some outdoor pictures of Hiro. Above is a picture which I think has a good contrast element and makes the picture more interesting. Did you see some of the torn edges on the big leaf? Yes, that's Hiro's work of art!LOL! He is such a greenery artist (destroyer). He just can't stand seeing it move with the wind.

Check back tomorrow for another project of mine at the Crop Spot!


Elaine A said...

Irene -

I just heard about the disbanding of Tim Holtz's Design Team. Its such a shame and your work has been wonderful. I will continue to visit.

Elaine Allen

Jaime Lee said...

Apart from loving your work, I love your dog so much. How I wish I can own a husky myself. Very lovely and charming dog you have there.

Oh! btw I am Jaime (also a scrapbooker). Nice meeting you! :)


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