Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Spring from Hiro!

Are you all enjoying Spring at this moment? Gorgeous flowers and trees everywhere. This week, we've noticed something that Hiro had done which he had never done before in the past. We are not sure if it's due to the season or what but we are very curious to find out.

As you all know, we keep Hiro indoors all the time and he is limited to a floor in our 3 storey home. What happened is, when everybody is so busy around the house, he suddenly walk to the interval between the stairs of going up and going down from his floor and started howling out loud as if he is calling for something. It's so loud to us because he howls directly to all the levels of our house through the stairs way. It's just liked the call of "Tarzan" to his animal! Everybody came running to see what's going on but he seems to be fine and normal! If any of your dog does that too, do feel free to share the stories here.


Audra said...

he's a beautiful dog!! my pups have dogs howl at each other all the time!! :)

Nikki Love said...

gosh, he's getting so big!!! Happy Easter, Irene to you and your family :)

Melissa S. said...

Ah Hiro was just trying to get your attention. Just wanted to make sure you all were there. Tee Hee. Our dog doesn't howl but she always knows where you are. I have seen her just walk in a room look at my husband or myself and turn around ane go back to her sleeping spot in the front window seat. Just checking. Happy Easter to all of you.

a dancing needle said...

Oh yes! Our Husky howls for us all the time! Usually she is where ever we are! You cant leave the room without her folowing you! Very much a people person!


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