Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another Update on Hiro and a little News from me!

This week had been a crazy week for us. Hiro is back on a chewing frenzy again! It all happened during one night when we were all asleep. When we woke up, we saw all the chewing marks on our TV cabinet. We thought that he had got over with his chewing already. He actually has quite a few chewing toys lying around for him all the time. Thank god for the amazing furniture markers. It really makes the furniture looks much better now.

Ok, now it's time for me to break another news to you all. I'm officially on the design team of Stamp Enjoy!
They are a clear stamp manufacturer from France. They have some really gorgeous and cool stamps and I can't wait to play with them! Check out their store here.

Do check back tomorrow for the introduction of another mini album project at The Crop Spot.


tania said...

naughty doggie!:) beautiful layouts of yours irene, i had a bit of catching up to do!

Unknown said...


D said...

Yay, How fun for you! Your baby is such a cutie pie! Good luck with the chewing! Don't buy any new furniture ;)

Scrapishments said...

...sorry to hear about your dog chewing :( Our shi tzu is a year old now, but when her adult teeth were coming in...she was chewing everything. They LOVE anything wood!...which isn't so great for furniture! We ended up buying this 'bitter apple spray' that you can get at the pet store. (Most) dogs hate the taste and smell of it, so if you spray something, they will not chew there. Might be worth a try? :)

Hiro is a gorgeous dog!

Love your blog and your work is beautiful!


Stamp Enjoy said...

If I cromprends well, this young and beautiful dog is teething on furniture. Ouch, and as you say, fortunately there are now very good pencils who touch everything. I wish you welcome to ENJOY STAMP and I'm sure you'll make us dream with your achievements that are each more beautiful than others. Regards.

Soraya said...

Wow... congratulations Irene! Can't wait to see your work with the stamps.
Hug, Soraya x

Tami Bayer said...

Such a beautiful pup, sorry he's chewing. I hope it stops soon. Congrats on the new team! Wonderful news.

Scrap Mixed said...

Congratulations for another team!


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