Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ice Stickles to Create Frost

I think some of you had gotten the idea of creating an icy effect on your project by using white gesso through my last project at The Crop Spot, This time, I've used another medium with a little sparkle to create the frost on my project. It's the "Ice Stickles" by Ranger. It comes in various colours to coordinate with your project. Here's a link to all the colours available.

Simply just apply a good amount of Ice Stickles on the top edges of anything to create a frosty look to it. The mixtures of glitters in an Ice Stickles is just perfect to create the look. To create a thicker frost, just apply more. This will be an instant frost on your projects. If you have not tried this product, you should. It gives such a cool effect.

Tomorrow, I'll be sharing a project where I've used this technique all over it.


Lili Sulastri said...

Thx for sharing your technical info.

Melissa S. said...

Irene, this looks cool. Ice Stickles are new right? I still have to head over to the Crop Spot and check them out. I do like the way this looks. Only 23 more days until your class in San Jose. Woo Hoo I can't wait. I will be there with bells on. LOL

Starr said...

Thanks for showing us this technique. It really is very cool!


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