Friday, June 27, 2008

Reverse Look of The Bubble Wrapper Printing

I've also received a few emails regarding this technique as I did not shared it in detail in a few of my recent work. So here it is.

1) Prepare a piece of pattern paper or card stock and a hole puncher.

2) Fold the paper or card stock in layers and start punching holes randomly all over the paper. (To create a more interesting pattern, try using various sizes of hole punchers.)

3) Open up the paper to reveal the holes pattern created. (Kinda liked the "Reverse Look of The Bubble Wrapper Printing" when it's layered against a background card stock or pattern paper.)

4) Tear off the straight edges of the paper or the card stock to distress it and inked it with distress ink. You could also be more adventurous and heat embossed the edges. Creativity is endless here.

Isn't this the easiest technique or what? I bet everyone could do this!


paulien710 said...

Oh WoW Irene..... This is simply OUTSTANDING!!!! I so love your pieces of art..... amazing..... wow

dragonflys said...

wow this so cool

Gayatri said...

This is awesome I will definitely give this a go


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