Friday, June 27, 2008

Alcohol Inked Vellum Flowers

I've actually received a few emails asking me regarding this technique. Therefore I'm going to post it separately in my tips and tricks section.

Here are the steps to creating an alcohol inked vellum flower.
1) Choose a few colours of alcohol inks, a mixatives (silver/gold) and blending solution.

2) Apply those inks on an alcohol ink applicator. You can mixed all the colours on the applicator and use it to stamp onto a sheet of vellum at the same time. You don't need to do one colour at a time. Try to stamp the vellum in layers. This will create a better marbled look to it. You can add some blending solution to your applicator and stamp on it too.

3) Then apply some mixatives (use only one to three drops as it's very concentrated) using the applicator too.

4) When the vellum is dry, flip it over and trace or draw a flower pattern on it. (I've not created these patterns myself) They are either trace from some prima flowers or some chipboard flowers that I have and I've added a little alterations on my end.

5) To create dimensions for these flowers, use a tip of a small scissors or a twizzer and use it to bend and pull under each petal. Do this from the middle of the flower to tip of the petal. Then you will notice that the petals are all curled downwards.

6) Fold each petal upwards towards the middle of the flower. Now, you will see that the form of the flowers would be as the pictures above.

7) Lastly, ink the edges of the flowers with distress inks and you could also create some dew drops by following the
"Freshen Up your Flowers" technique.


Unknown said...

I love what you make! Il's very beautifull! You have a talent is sure!

dragonflys said...

this is the most stunning flower ever so have to try this now i have the ink's

Marsha said...

I just got my alcohol inks, and can't wait to try these beautiful flowers!! Thanks for the step by step tips!!

Anonymous said...

These are absolutely beautiful. I've never used the alcohol inks before but I do believe I have to go out and get some now. Can you tell me what the mixatives and blending solution are? Are those Ranger products? Thx for the great tip.

Irene Tan aka Scrapperlicious said...

Hi Jen,

Thanks! Mixatives are actually some concentrated alcohol ink in various colours such as silver. gold, copper, pearl...etc. Blending solution is a solution that helps to blend the alcohol ink and thin it. Just liked water to watercolours. Yeap! They're from Ranger as well. Hope this helps!

S@ski@ said...

Oh what a great technique! Never thought of adding alcohol ink on vellum... Your blog is full of ideas, thanks for sharing your tips & techniques!

S@ski@ said...

Oh what a great technique! Never thought about using alcohol inks on vellum! You're blog is full of tips & techniques I just have to try! Now, how about a tip to get more time to scrap?


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