Sunday, May 6, 2012

Finally, some Updates on Hiro

I'm really sorry for not posting any pictures of Hiro for the last few weekends. I've been really busy and also we could not capture any decent photographs of him indoor. It has been raining heavily here for a few weeks now.

Anyway, Hiro is fine. He is still shedding a little and has been very sleepy these days. Maybe it's due to the cold and wet atmosphere here.

These photographs are captured indoor. It is the best we can get. We do not get much of natural light in the house due to the rainy season.

Sometimes, Hiro is still shy when he sees the camera....LOL!

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S@ski@ said...

he's soo gorgious, our 'hero'! Our 'puppy' is 19 months old already..time flies...

Robin Shakoor said...

OMG!!! He get more beautiful each time I see him. Thanks so much for sharing him with us.

Anonymous said...

He is absolutely beautiful! And that pic of him being!! It's like he's a dog model!

tracy said...

He is a gorgeous dog. Very very stunning. How old is he? You take beautiful pictures of him. Thanks for sharing


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