Friday, February 11, 2011

My First Ebook Contribution!!

Hello everyone!

scrapideas ebook cover 498x336

Today, I would like to share a huge first step of mine with you all. Yes! I'm finally into the world of "books"! Ok, not a hard copy one yet but it's still my first step getting there. 

My first ever ebook contribution titled "ScrapIdeas" is officially launched!!
Here's the story behind it.

Months ago, I came across an awesome book editor and he told me of his plans to publish a Scrapbooking ebook. The book will feature pro scrapbookers who are based in various countries like Canada, US, Australia, Malaysia, Norway and the Philippines.

I contributed a few of my projects in the book and had shared the stories and thoughts on each of the projects in great depth. The idea was to share with the readers some secrets and tips of how I came to achieve each project.

The publisher gave the contributors of the ebook the rights to share one bonus preview project and my first thought was to share this with my dear blog readers :) And you know, that is you.

To get your exclusive bonus preview copy please go here!

In lieu of this exciting news, I've decided to do a huge blog giveaway!! I'm still picking out the products and the stack is getting bigger and bigger. Just a hint on the giveaway, you will find bunnies in it!!!..What you have to do to participate in this giveaway? Easy. Just talk about this launch everywhere with a link to this post.  It can be on your blog, your facebook, forums, chat groups...etc... Leave comments here showing the links to it and you will be eligible for the draw! The winner will be announced on 15th March.  

Share this free bonus preview with all your friends! Happy Reading and help me to celebrate this huge step!


Natasha said...

Congrats girlie! What an honor and major accomplishment! Hugs!

Heather Millen said...

Congratulations Irene! You are truly an inspiration. I would love to win some goodies since the drawing is the day after my birthday.

Lusiana said...

Congratulationsssss Irene!!! This is such a HUGE step!! I have looked through your bonus preview, it's AWESOME, :). I love your work place, too, ^^

Sabrina Scrapbook said...

Yay!! Congratulations, Irene!! Awesome!! I am so proud of you, and you should too, as our ambassador!! :)

Betty Kimmel said...

Hey girl Congratulations!! you deserve it, your creations are beautiful you are a true artist! I added the banner in the side bar you can check it out here
Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway...good luck everyone.

Lili Sulastri said...

Congratulations Irene. This is truly an accomplishment.

Mescrap said...

Congratulations !!
You are truly deserve this.
Happy for your success.

Gra Sandel said...

Wow Irene!! Congratulations!!!
Hugs and kisses!!

CK Chai said...

congrats to ya!

Claudia Ventura said...

I loved your projects and your interview on ScrapMe!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Congratulations.

valeria vac said...

Irene Congratulations for this wonderful work!!!!/profile.php?id=1072111248!/pages/Scraplounge/145154305533565

Hugs from Brazil!!!

Mara said...

I loved everything I saw in the ebook, your tips and secrets will further enrich our work.
I've done a post on my blog for my Brazilian friends know your ebook.
SUCCESS ... you deserve it!
Hugs from Brazil!

Anonymous said...

Way to go!! Congratulations! How exciting. I've linked to this post on my blog to share with even more people what great, exciting news you have!!

I posted here:

which automatically posts onto my twitter and my facebook: (I think that will show? it's via Networked blogs) umm dunno how to link to a tweet?!


Hello Irene that great news, congratulations you deserve, his work is beautiful.
the link to my blog where I did the posting is
always very successful´.

Mara said...

Hi Irene!
My online translator erred in congratulations lol
He entered a "birthday" was to be only "CONGRATULATIONS lol, but you get it?

Kelly C said...


Jaluza Scrap said...

Sou apaixonada pelo teu trabalho.

Marley said...

Wowww!! How cool is that??? to be published in a E-Book?? Congrats! Definitly gonna buy it! Also thank you so much for winning a candy.. maybe you know that I just started with scrapbooking and I LOVEEEE it!! its so much fun to scrap photo's instead of stamps..your dog is soooo cute! I've put him in my sidebar with a link back to you for the candy.. you can see it here; I love the beautiful photo's you take of your dog.. we are getting a puppy on the 26 of february; a Bull terrier.. so Im gonna take a lot of photo's from that cutie and I hope the lay outs are gonna look so beautiful as yours! Hugs, Marley

Claudia Ventura said...

Congratulations for Ebbok!
Thank you for free bonus preview, I loved!

wustaz said...

I chatted up all my scrapping friends about it. can't wait!

Eva Sanz said...

Felicidades Irene por tu lanzamiento, lo coloco en mi barra lateral que todos venga a ver de que se trata.
Besos y espero ganar el candy.

Sabrina Mix said...

Hi, Irene!

I've posted about your ebook here, here and here.



PS: I had trouble trying to open the ebook preview on Firefox.

Kirsten Alicia said...

Congratulations Irene, it's a terrific achievement. The e-book looks wonderful & I definitely want it. I've posted about it on my FB page, hope you get lots more visitors. And thank you for doing a giveaway, good luck to everyone.!/profile.php?id=1561116398

Asas à imaginação said...

Irene,parabéns pelo ebook!Parabéns por seu talento que gera trabalhos magníficos!
Parabéns...atrasados...pelo seu aniversário!
Já divulguei o ebook lá no meu blog;o link é este:
Vou fazer divulgação em outros locais e depois aviso.
Vou agora buscar o bônus, muito obrigada.
Um abraço e muito sucesso para você!!!

Eunides said...

I love your work!!!!/profile.php?id=100001865132381

Lívia Andrade said...

Hi Irene! I love your work, and always come here to see. I am in love with all your distress inks. I have 5 and you have a lot of!!! It's fantastic! I love this Tim Holtz's produtc!
Soo! I love the layout and this e-book, with many ideas!!!
Congratulations for your contribution!!!
I will post this new in my blog!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your blog!! Shared with all my Arkansas friends here -!/home.php?sk=group_183677701653851&ap=1

Congratulations on the achievement!
Tamara Watts

Tammi said...

I just posted about your ebook on my blog after looking at the preview. I really like what I got to read and I'm going to ask my hubby tonight if I can purchase it! Congrats and I can't wait to see the rest of it!

~Valeria said...

Congrats on the ebook!!! Thats a great achievement!! I shared it as well on my blog under the Glimmer Mist section!!!

Congrats again!

Wende said...


Huaína Kélvia said...


Boomer Knows said...

Congratulations Irene!!! I love your blog & your attention to detail is fabulous! I have learned so much from reading your blog, thank you!

NOA said...

Hola irene!! me gusta mucho tu blog!! es muy original!!
aqui te dejo mi dirección! y como no, te pongo en mi blog!!
un saludin!!!


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