Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Featured Star Designer at Scrappin' Patch NZ

This week, I've been featured as the designer in a competition by a store in New Zealand! The competition is called "Stars In Their Eyes Competition". It's organized by Scrappin' Patch in New Zealand. You could check out their forum here and their blog here. The participants are asked to lift the style of the star designer for the week. 
Thank you Scrappin' Patch for this wonderful opportunity! Cheers to NZ!


Wishful Thinking said...

Cool! :-) I wondered if your name would be one of their "stars". Fabulous - will be interesting to see their takes :-)

Luz Maria Bruna said...

Congrats Irene,this is not a surprise for me because you`re a great and so talented artist!

Bev said...

So glad you agreed to be one of the stars can't wait to do a layout in your style which is just stunning!

Unknown said...

Congrats Irene! That is awesome! /Pia

Beverley said...

Hi Irene! I'm loving the opportunity to 'research' your work ... it's all so inspiring. Thanks for being a star!


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