Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jazz Up Your Pattern Paper with some Stamping

This is another technique that I've used recently.

Here's what I've done.
1) Stamp the "harlequin" background stamp image on the area using clear embossing ink and pour some fine clear embossing powder over it. Tilt the excess and emboss it using a heating tool.
2) Ink the area using some lighter shade of distress ink.
3) Stamp the "heart" image on it using clear embossing ink and heat emboss it again using some fine clear embossing powder.
4) Ink over it with some darker shade of distress ink. Use as many shades of distress inks as you wish. Use a wet wipe to wipe off the distress ink on top of the heat embossed image.
5) Lastly, sprinkle some water onto it using your fingers to create a water distressing effect.
This is a very easy technique to add a little personal touch to your pattern paper. Try it!


Unknown said...

I bow to you, master of ink! :) I love what you've done!!!

Nina said...

Very, very cool. You definitely rock techniques and make stamps twice as gorgeous, Irene. =)


Paulien van den Bosch said...

oh wow..... you are making us, pull out our clear embossing powder again......
This looks so amazing Irene.... love it!

Anonymous said...

this is a pretty neat idea. i would have never thought of this. good job.

mininessie said...

thanks for another great tip!!

Tammy said...

Wow!!! What an awesome looking technique. You are just so creative. I envy your talent for being able to thing outside the box!!

Anonymous said...

You are always on fire! What a great technique. Thanks for keepin' it comin. I'm a huge fan!

Rhayne said...

This looks great! So layered! How did you get the first layer of embossing not to remelt when you did the heart embossing? I see that the wings of the heart are totally clear and not red, like you'd think from the harlequin pattern.

Thanks again for more inspiration and willingness to share!

Irene Tan aka Scrapperlicious said...

Hi Rhayne,

Try to stamp your images not too overlapping each other and point yoru heating tool away from the already embossed image.
I did not ink my red fully around. Just randomly and that's why part of the heart with wings arre clear and part of it is red. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

I love your work it´s so so beautiful.jlaura

Anonymous said...

gorgeous! love the colors!


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