Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's Hiro's time!

This is a picture of Hiro captured at my in-laws. He loves it there. Recently, Hiro's appetite had improved after taking his deworm tablets. Does your dog take these tablets? If yes, how often? He is growing so big now and we're really thinking of getting a bigger car so that he feels more comfortable in it.

I'll be sharing another seasonal project tomorrow! Check back for it!


Camila Borssoi said...

Hiro is always a wonderful model. About the deworm, it depends what kind it is, some are monthly, some are each six months, it's better you talk with your vet.

S@ski@ said...

Hiro is such a gorgious dog! He poses on the pics like he's a real dogmodel! We will be having a pup in two weeks. It will be our fist dog! Her name is Bindi (which means: sweet girl) and she's an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Her dad has won several prizes and her mom is a fast runner.She visited us yesterday with her sister Djessy, and she's soooooo cute! I need some inspiration for her album, so I think I'm going to check your site for doggy style stuff!

S@ski@ said...

Hiro's such a gorgious dog! He poses like he's Asian's Next Dogmodel! We will be having a puppy in two weeks and we can't wait! Her name is Bindi ('sweet girl') and she's an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She's our first dog and she visited us yesterday and she's sooooo sweet! So I need some inspiration so I'm going to check your site for some doggy style layouts!

Kathi said...

I always enjoy your photos of Hiro.
He is so gorgeous

Janie said...

Ask your vet, it would depend on why they had him take it? I'm assuming he is an "inside" dog, if he is an "outside" dog they are prone to worms. He is a beautiful dog.
Usually if they are back of your vehicle (I have an small SUV) they just curl up into a sleeping position and they are fine. I have a Honda CRV and my golden retriever has plenty of room, she is 15 mos. old. She usually will just lay down and sleep.
I don't know what car sizes are in your part of the world, maybe like Europe - smaller?


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