Friday, November 12, 2010

Alcohol Ink and Paper Doily Flower

This might be a technique that I've shared in the past but recently, I've received an email asking me to show in more detail as to how to create this flower. Therefore, I've used this technique again in my recent project and took some steps pictures.

Here are the steps.
1) Prepare some alcohol inks, an applicator and an acrylic flower. I've used Clear Scraps acrylic flower in this sample. (Note: Remember to peel off the film from both sides of the flower)

2) Apply a few colours of the alcohol ink onto the applicator at the same time and use the stamping motion to colour the acrylic flower with alcohol ink. Use a scissors to cut a snip in between each petal of the flower and fold it up.

3) For the paper doily part, you just need to prepare a piece of paper doily and a distress ink colour.

4) Ink the edges of the paper doily with distress ink and then cut out the center of it. We just need the outer ring of the paper doily. Fold some pleats on the doily and then adhere both ends together. (Note: very similar to folding a rosette)

5) Adhere two pieces together liked the picture above.

6) Then, add a small rose or a decorative brad in the middle of it. In my sample picture above, I've also added some Stickles on the petals on the flower.

Hope with this post, you all would understand better on the technique. Happy trying!


Martine Labelle said...

those flowers are so pretty! tfs!

Julie said...


Blossom inch said...

Beautiful and awesome techniques,thanks for sharing.

Irini said...

Stunning!!!!!!!!!!!thanks for sharing

Karla Carneiro said...

Hello, Beautiful Flowers!!!Thanks for Sharing.

Erin Smetak said...

Beautiful flowers! I'll have to try this technique! Thanks for taking the time to type it up!

2amscrapper said...

thanks for the tutorial

Maodren said...

Hello Iren
A friend told me that I will like your job then surely I have come to see.
And I'm completely conquered, it's just wonderful
Kisses from France

Katherine said...

thanks for the great tutorial Irene.
I love the flower

Jolaine Frias said...

Beautiful flower! Thanks for the tutorial!

Karen said...

Beautiful - Thanks for sharing the technique

Elisabeth said...

Irene, this is fabulous. I always love trying out new flowers. Fab!!!!!

Gra said...

I love it!!!
Thanks for the tutorial!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks.Beautiful flowers


wenna webb said...

Such a great information and I've been looking for this..


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