Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hiro's Sunday!

This week, Hiro is due for his bath and his annual booster vaccination. We've postponed both to next week due to the frequent raining days here. We just don't want him to catch any sickness while he is weak after his vaccination. I'm a little nervous about taking him to this vaccination because normally most dogs would be weak and might experience some side effects after vaccinations. Do you take your pups or dogs to the annual booster vaccination? Share your experience with me.

Tomorrow, I'll be sharing another project which are totally inspired by Tim Holtz products! Check back for it!


Linda said...

I have a 5 year old Sheltie, and an almost 2 year old Australian Shepherd. Both get annual vaccinations, and I do the Bordetella booster every 6 months. Don't have a problem with weakness. They may be a bit slower on those days, but that's about it.

Primitive Seasons said...

Been taking several dogs over the years for regular shots and have never had a problem. Sometimes they are sore at the injection site. And Bordatella can be given through the nose rather than a shot, but most dogs don't like it. There's really no reason for a normal healthy dog to get weak after a vaccination. Don't worry!


Kathi said...

I don't have dogs, I have 3 cats and they go for their annual boosters. One of the cats did experience a problem one time so now we spread out his shots. Since doing that he has been fine

colleen said...

i have 3 labs and they get there vaccinatins as scheduled never have any prolems, they even get ones for lyme disease as they hunt and one for rattle snakes, Hiro should do very well.

Bonnie aka Cinnabon said...

never had an issue with our dog after vaccinations. I wouldn't worry about it unless he had problems with his initial ones as a young pup.

Janie said...

Never had a problem, especially with bigger dogs. Little dogs might get a little tired.


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